Good Design is like a Haiku

Pared down to what is
essential and engrossing,
It stirs emotion


Delivering Excellence
“A successful product does not merely meet a deadline. It must also deliver on an essential, innovative offering that sets it apart from the competition. Passion for delivering excellence within a competitive time frame is my portfolio's common thread.”

Max Holechek is a director and designer of award-winning interactive experiences. His high versatility has garnered an eclectic portfolio: Marketing initiatives and video games, to educational software and websites for start-ups and established brands.

As a designer, Max is an empathetic and passionate advocate for the customer/end-user. As a leader, he is a big picture thinker with a demonstrated track record in identifying and driving solutions for complex issues. Max excels at team-building and strengthening interdepartmental communication.

Max is looking for new, interesting opportunities. He thrives in companies that command a boldness of vision, the discipline to pursue it, and the trust to let its employees lead the way. In this environment, Max will bring about fresh and exciting levels of innovation.

26 awards and recognitions have been bestowed on Max’s products. His work has been cited in two books dedicated to interactive storytelling.

He lives in Seattle, Washington.

Case Studies